3 WordPress Theme Development Tutorials to Get Started

WordPress is ruling the world of content management systems (CMS) and majority of the blogs we are reading everyday are running on WordPress. WordPress gained its popularity and empathy because of being easy to edit, customize with themes and extend with numerous plugins.

One of the things I want to talk about today is theme development for WordPress platform. Creating your own theme for WordPress is a perfect way to add an original touch to your blog. There are lots of free and premium themes out there but if you want to create your own theme or start a business developing WordPress themes in this compilation you will find all the information and resources needed to start developing themes.

In this post you will find tutorials covering the basics of WordPress, theme structure analysis, step by step guides on how to plan, design and code WordPress themes from scratch or using frameworks. Hopefully you will be able to learn and create your own WordPress themes for yourself or your business.

1. WordPress Codex on Theme Development
You should definitely start developing WordPress themes getting into the WordPress Codex first. You will find a lot of information about basics of the theme development, best practises and useful resources to get started.

2. The ThemeShaper WordPress Theme Tutorial: 2nd Edition
wordpress theme developement themeshaper
One of the best WordPress theme tutorial on the web. Following 16 different lessons you will learn to build a fully working WordPress theme from scratch. Author of the course will share with you the best practises of developing themes.

3. WordPress Theme Customization Guide & Tutorial
This simple guide will teach you to customize WordPress assuming that you have some knowledge in HTML and CSS. Following the guide you will be able to learn how WordPress themes are structured and how they work.